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I have been working  with Oracle technical  for more than 6 years. Implemented quality solutions and maintained robust, mission critical databases. I have followed the industry’s best practices and adhered to and implemented processes which enhanced the quality of technical delivery.I am also A member of Independent Oracle Users Group and  All China Oracle Users Group.

  • Oracle Certified Database Administrator Master 10g and 11g
  • Over 6 years experience with Oracle DBA technology
  • Over 7 years experience with Linux technology
  • Member Independent Oracle Users Group
  • Member All China Oracle Users Group
  • Presents for advanced Oracle topics: RAC, DataGuard, Performance Tuning and Oracle Internal.

Summary of Skills and Experience

  1. Oracle 8i/9i/10G/11G Database Administration.
  2. Oracle 8i/9i/10G/11G Server Installation and Configuration.
  3. Oracle Goldengate Configuration and Utilization.
  4. Oracle-Sun Exadata-2 Machine Administrate,Utilization and Upgrade
  5. Production DBA Support.
  6. Sound Expertise in Database Backup and Recovery.
  7. Strong RMAN skills.
  8. Strong Skills in RAC configuration and architecture.
  9. Database Migration, Cloning and Patching.
  10. Support large development projects, support application releases in development, staging, integration and production environments.
  11. Architecting multi terabyte/multi-node oracle RAC databases, designing schemas, solutions for data loading, data purging, replication, BCP setups. Identifying/recommending/testing required hardware (Interconnect, storage (NAS/SAN), server, CPU, memory) for large systems.
  12. Research/Compare database technologies, determines business requirements, proposes changes, and develops migration and implementation plans.
  13. Work along with Global DBA/Architect teams to develop and design best practices and processes.
  14. Strong Skills in Operating System /Application Tuning /SQL tuning for High Performance.
  15. UNIX System Administration /Shell Scripting for Database maintenance.


Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Windows NT Servers, Windows 2000, LINUX (Red hat,OEL)


C, Sql/PL-SQL, Unix Shell Scripting, Oracle, VERITAS backup for oracle DB

DBA Tools


Education Details:

Year Name of Degree Name of Inst. Place
2003 Computer Science Bachelor Shanghai University Shanghai

Technical Trainings / Additional courses / Seminars attended:

Oracle Database 10g:Administration Workshop – Oracle University

Oracle 10g Data Guard Administration – Oracle University

Oracle 10g RAC Course – Oracle Corporation

Oracle 10g Backup and Recovery LWC – Oracle Universitry

Oracle 11g New Features for 9i DBA – Oracle Universitry


Work Experience:


Oracle Corporation (2012- Now)

Oracle China, ACS Delivery Team.

MultNovo Tech(2008-2012)

  1. Serve For both ShangHai UNICOM,China Mobile,ShangHai UNIONPAY Data Services and China Union Loyalty.
  2. Provide advanced Tech Consultant
  3. Coordinating with Oracle for bug fixes (iTars/SRs).
  4. Tuning The telecom operators Boss Application.
  5. Troubleshooting the data replicate software QUEST shareplex or oracle goldengate

TATA Consultant Service(2007-2008)

  1. Diagnosing, correcting and providing solutions for critical Database Administration related issues.
  2. participate database design and build effort. Analyse existing database design, propose solutions and manage implementation activities.
  3. Installation/configuring large oracle RAC databases, setting up services, load balancing, applying patches, resolving Oracle internal errors, and RAC related Bugs.
  4. Set up monitoring using custom shell scripts and OEM Grid Control.
  5. Setting up standby/data guard systems for production BCP.
  6. Supporting new application releases/builds through various development environments, identifying slow performing sql, tuning the SQL/PL-SQL.
  7. Production On-Call support for numerous oracle databases. Supporting databases for the size of 120TB.
  8. Setting up RMAN, Export and snapshot backups for databases.
  9. Work with application team during application design phase to help create robust and high performance applications. Helping with application turning, partitioning, data movement solutions etc.
  10. Troubleshooting Oracle Server errors, analyzing internal errors (ora-600’s/7445’s) etc.
  11. Analyzing stats pack/AWR reports for resolving performance issues.
  12. Mentoring of Junior DBA Folks Technically for Managing the Environment Independently.
  13. Proactively monitoring DB growth, and forecasting for future growth needs in terms of space, CPU, memory etc.
  14. Hardware: Sun Fire Enterprise , Netapps & EMC storage, InfiBand Interconnect.
  15. Operating System: Solaris 9/10
  16. Tools: TOAD, OEM Grid Control, Putty


Activities as System Administrator:

  1. Installation of Solaris across systems, applying Sun recommended patches.
  2. Creation of volumes, addition of new disks and hardware, maintaining the storage according to the requirements.
  3. Machine-level tuning collecting server machine-level performance statistics to identify CPU, memory. Capacity planning of the server on 6 monthly basis.
  4. Implemented security on UNIX as well as database and web server level.


  1. TB size data migrated ,upgrade old system to NEW ERP arch
  2. Patch more than 20 critical db from 9.2.0.x to 10g

Technologies Used: Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas Net Backup.

Hardware: Sun Sparc, IBM p570 p595 ,DS4800

Operating System: AIX 5.3/6.1 , Solaris 9/10

Tools: Toad, Spotlight for Oracle, Oracle DUL/AUL

Professional Certification:

2011 Oracle Certified Database 11g Administrator Master

2009 Oracle Certified Database 10g Administrator Master

2010 IBM system p administrator    CATE

2009 Oracle Certification RAC expert    OCE

2007 Oracle Certification Profession     OCP

2006 Microsoft Certification Windows 2003 management


oracledatabase12g.com is focused on oracle and enterprise-db administrate,design and web-development,optimize large-scale web sites ,follow with interest new it technology,deliver useful latest Information Technology news and trends.

  1. Hi Xiang,
    Nice to saw your profile, I am also working as a DBA with TCS from last 2 years.
    Greatly inspired from your tech details.Hope to connect with you soon.
    Hope you will make us out if we fall somewhere in problem related to database.
    Good Day !

  2. Professional Certification is in date order (latest first)and yet job profile is oldest first which is quite unusual.

    I like your AWR summmary post


  3. Hi Liu Maclean,

    Many thanks for sharinf lot of details.

    You’ve mentioned that information about the Global Service options of TNS acan be found in nsi.h and NT protocol characteristics can be found in ti.h. I am not able to find those files. Could you please help me out to find the information. It will be a great help, if you can shere details on Global Service options and NT protocol characteristics of TNS.

    Thanks in Advance.


  4. Hi Maclean Liu
    i want to know you very very mach,can we communicate in QQ?my number is 214707490

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    I want to register your websit ‘Ask Maclean Home’, would u like give me a code for register? thx


  6. Hell Maclean:
    I am working for a web game company. I want to change the job which working with ORACLE. I’ve been Uplooking Beijing last year. I dont know the next step fo my life.
    The graduation day is coming at the end of this year.
    Would you like to give me some ides.


  7. well Experienced Profile touch with all advanced technology like golden gate,RAC and exadata machine

  8. Hi liu,
    can you share something how u can pass so many certifications??it’s amazing!

  9. 能给一个网站的邀请码吗?新手dba寻找资料来到这里(spotlight for rac),急需。 以后会急需关注网站的,希望可以加入学习。谢谢

  10. 您好!

  11. Hi ,maclean ,看到你的AWR视频,让我对oracle重拾激情!感谢你的分享~;如果能提供一个网站的注册码,那就更高兴了!