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新版本的代号并不出乎我们的意料,12c将会以cloud、Big Data、IN memory analytics为核心。

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c- Monitor an Exadata Environment


Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c- Manage Oracle Coherence

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c- Exalogic Management Overview

News Facts

Oracle today announced Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c the industry’s first solution to combine management of the full Oracle stack with complete enterprise cloud lifecycle management.
Building on its business-driven IT management approach, the new release enables better business-IT integration.
With this release, IT organizations can increase efficiency and responsiveness while reducing costs and complexity for traditional data centers, virtualized, and cloud computing environments.
Through Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, its new centralized console, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c brings together unique management capabilities for the entire cloud lifecycle. Key new capabilities include consolidation and capacity planning, self-service, testing, monitoring, and metering and chargeback.
New integrated application-to-disk management capabilities for Oracle Fusion Applications and Oracle’s engineered systems have been added. This release also introduces new virtualization management and cloud resource management capabilities built on Oracle VM 3.0.
New and enhanced partner resources, available through Oracle PartnerNetwork, and new management capabilities for non-Oracle components have also been introduced.
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is the first product in Oracle’s portfolio numbered “12c” where the “c” stands for Oracle’s significant investments in delivering cloud-ready products.

Unified, Complete Cloud Management Through a Single Console

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is the only cloud management console for Oracle that allows cloud stakeholders to create rich business services consisting of any combination of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) – including database as a service (DBaaS) and middleware as a service (MWaaS) – and software as a service (SaaS).
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides wizard-driven, role-based capabilities for all stakeholders involved in planning, deploying, managing and consuming an enterprise cloud.
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c supports enterprise architects, cloud administrators, application developers and administrators, DBAs, line of business users and governance and finance personnel. Key capabilities include:
Cloud planning tools: allow architects and cloud administrators to model their cloud environment in order to maximize the utilization of resources. A key capability – the capacity and consolidation planner – allows for easier cloud on-boarding through recommendations and automated workflows.
Automatic set-up of shared pools and system resources: enables cloud administrators to pool together IT resources and define rules, privileges, and policies that govern how resources are consumed; and helps ensure ease of management and quality of service.
Built-in self-service: allows transparent access to cloud resources for line of business users and application developers. Consumers can use the self-service portal to order services from a central catalog, manage and monitor the requested services, and receive chargeback information.
Comprehensive metering and chargeback: enables finance personnel, IT managers and service providers to measure usage and charge for services. Several chargeback mechanisms are provided. Pre-built integrations with Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management offer comprehensive billing capabilities.
Unique cloud capabilities deliver industry-first advantages through integrations with two key Oracle products:
Oracle VM 3.0: enables administrators to automatically plan and provision cloud environments incorporating VMs, resource pools and zones.
Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder: helps application developers model and package complex, multi-tier applications for self-service consumption.
Unlike competitive solutions, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c encompasses cloud management across physical and virtual environments for x86 as well as SPARC architectures.

Engineered for Oracle

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c continues to deliver unmatched automation capabilities for Oracle technologies. Highlights include:
Complete Oracle Fusion Applications management: engineered alongside Oracle Fusion Applications, this release provides unmatched capabilities that help ensure the health and availability of these applications.
Immediate availability for Oracle Applications Unlimited support: Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle Siebel CRM management suites are now certified. Additional application certifications are planned for calendar year 2012.
Enhanced Oracle Fusion Middleware management: adds new self-management capabilities such as automatic root-cause analysis and proactive recommendations. This helps IT and application administrators manage more applications with ease.
Advanced database self-management: enables DBAs to manage massive databases with capabilities including a real-time and compare period automatic database diagnostics monitor, and Active Session History (ASH) analytics.
Enhanced quality management solutions: new Application Replay capabilities allow real workload testing for applications, enabling more realistic testing. New data discovery, modeling, and data subsetting provide more streamlined test data management. Combined, these capabilities help improve the quality of applications with less effort.
Tight integration with Oracle engineered systems: provides integrated views of hardware and software for Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to ease management and enable superior performance and availability.

Supporting Quotes

“Customers are grappling with tremendous complexity in IT centers, a condition often exacerbated by custom deployments and integrations that make each system different and unique to manage,” said Richard Sarwal, Oracle senior vice president, Product Development. “Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides a comprehensive solution that enables Oracle customers to cut through this complexity regardless of the choice of deployment platform. With Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, IT organizations can ease the management pains of traditional data centers and fast track to the cloud, while maximizing service quality and minimizing IT management costs.”
“British Telecom uses Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage our IT stack,” said Surren Partabh, CTO Core Technology Support, BT. “As a beta customer, we have experience with the new 12c release and we are excited about its new cloud management capabilities. This new release can help us extend our database-as-a-service and middleware-as-a-service cloud offerings to broader communities with more advanced capabilities. Particular areas of interest are the customer self service, templated provisioning, agentless discovery, metering and chargeback. BT expects this to significantly cut down the time it takes to provision new services and therefore make a good contribution to cost savings for the business.”
“With Oracle Enterprise Manager, we can centrally manage the 55 applications that support our ‘End-to-End Connected Cloud Services’ program, which ultimately enables us to improve our customer’s experience. We are excited about the new Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c release and we look forward to leveraging the new capabilities that it brings,” said Clifford Musante, Chief Architect for Business Infrastructure, Intuit Inc.”
“Cloud computing and virtualization can add considerable complexity to IT management. We are looking forward to using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to help reduce management costs, provide better integration between business and IT, and deliver cloud services,” said Tim Frazier, Associate Project Manager, National Ignition Facility and Photon Science, LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Oracle noted that through Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, its new centralized console, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c brings together unique management capabilities for the entire cloud lifecycle. Key new capabilities include consolidation and capacity planning, self-service, testing, monitoring, and metering and chargeback, the company said.

In addition, Oracle announced the Oracle Big Data Appliance at Oracle OpenWorld 2011. The Oracle Big Data Appliance is a new engineered system that includes an open source distribution of Apache Hadoop, Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle Data Integrator Application Adapter for Hadoop, Oracle Loader for Hadoop, and an open source



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