Richard Niemiec又一力作《Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques》

对Oracle数据库调优性能浓厚的朋友肯定没有错过TUSC著名的Richard Niemiec的<Oracle Database 9i/10g Performance Tuning & Tips & Techniques> ,这2本书目前有中文译版; 这2本书包含了 Richard Niemiec 丰富的Oracle Database 调优经验、详细的案例研究。 Richard Niemiec是一名世界顶尖的Oracle优化专家,同时他也是一位Oracle认证的管理大师OCM, 他的书为优化人员提供了大量的提示和技巧:





随着10g 版本正式进入Sustaining Support, 12c R1版本可能在12年末、13年初release , 现在正是 11g Release 2开始在国内大范围推广使用的时段。


如果你现在对 11g 的Tuning 新特性还不甚了解,包括如:adaptive Cursor Sharing、Result Cache、SQL Performance Analayze …. 。 你完全需要一本 11g 调优的完全指南,  而 Richard Niemiec 的 <Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques> 就是这样一本好书, 奉上封面和章节目录, 虽然这本书目前还没有中译版,但是相信很快可见:





·        Chapter 1   11g R1 & R2 New Features: Rewritten completely for basic Oracle11gR2 new features

·        Chapter 2   Basic Index Principles: Expanded to cover all of the index types and tested for 11gR2

·        Chapter 3   Disk Implementation: Updated for 11gR2: ASM, LMT, Auto UNDO, and improved I/O sections

·        Chapter 4   Initialization Parameters: Added MEMORY_TARGET and updated parameters for 11gR2

·        Chapter 5   Enterprise Manager & Grid Control: Added 11g screen shots, Grid Control, and some Exadata

·        Chapter 6   Explain Plan, SQL Plan Management, DBMS_MONITOR, and TRCSESS

·        Chapter 7   Using Hints for Tuning: Added new hints and updated others—the best resource for hints!

·        Chapter 8   Basic Query Tuning: Updated for 11gR2; added Result Cache and SQL Performance Analyzer

·        Chapter 9   Table Joins & Advanced Tuning: Updated for 11gR2; updated block tuning and added DB Replay

·        Chapter 10   PL/SQL Tuning: Expanded again as PL/SQL tuning expands; added 11gR2 changes

·        Chapter 11   Exadata, RAC, & Parallel Features: Added Exadata, improved RAC, & updated Parallel Query

·        Chapter 12   The V$ Views: Expanded again to show more V$ view queries, especially those new in 11gR2

·        Chapter 13   The X$ Tables: Expanded X$ queries, trace section, and X$ naming conventions

·        Chapter 14   AWR Report & Statspack: Updated AWR, Statspack for 11gR2; added mutexes & block tuning

·        Chapter 15   Quick System Review: Updated for 11gR2 and for much larger systems

·        Chapter 16   Monitoring the System Using Unix Utilities: Unix chapter updated to include more commands

·        Appendix A   Key Initialization Parameters: Updated queries for 11gR2 & new Top 25 initialization parameters

·        Appendix B   V$ Views: Updated for 11gR2 with updated V$ view queries

·        Appendix C   X$ Tables: Updated for 11gR2 with updated X$ queries

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