High Contrast for My Oracle Supports

My Oracle supports现在可以使用High Contrast高对比度界面设置功能了,目前提供2种选项:Black Text on White或者White Text on Black。个人比较喜欢黑底白字这类高对比度的界面,不过感觉现在这个White Text on Black还有待微调:


这次的高亮界面因该是My Oracle Support Release 5.2 Upgrade升级中客户体验改善的一部分:

Prepare for My Oracle Support Release 5.2 [ID 1245514.1]

What is being announced?

Oracle Global Customer Support is pleased to announce that on October 29, 2010, My Oracle Support was upgraded to Release 5.2.

This upgrade is part of Oracle’s ongoing commitment to improving your support experience and providing a single integrated support platform across all products. My Oracle Support Release 5.2 will integrate Sun systems, processes, and tools into the My Oracle Support and Global Single Instance (GSI) infrastructure. Our goal is to consolidate systems and utilize global best practices, as well as provide a number of requested enhancements for existing My Oracle Support users. Although Release 5.2 enables Sun functionality, Sun customers and employees will not fully migrate to My Oracle Support until the weekend of December 10-12, 2010.

Below are some of the enhancements included in My Oracle Support Release 5.2. Comprehensive release notes covering all updates will be available soon under the News section on your My Oracle Support Dashboard.

Improvements to Knowledge Search
The new version of My Oracle Support incorporates a set of easy-to-use, quick-action features that enable customers to more quickly find the self-help knowledge they need.

Oracle has added the capability to filter knowledge based on the products in an uploaded configuration or from a Support Identifier number, thereby targeting searches for greater efficiency and relevance. We are enabling this through PowerView functionality; for more information, please review the recorded training titled Using PowerView in My Oracle Support located in Note 603505.1.

We have also made improvements to the Related Knowledge Search Results that are returned during the Service Request (SR) creation process. We have improved the precision of articles you are shown and we have added My Oracle Support Community content to the Service Request knowledge search. These improvements will help bring you the most relevant information that can help solve your SR.

Another knowledge search feature included in this release of My Oracle Support is Automated Search Expansion. For example, a term such as db will automatically include the word database in the search keywords to bring another level of user-friendliness and relevance to the process.

Finally, users have the ability to search any combination of the Knowledge Base, Archived Articles, Bug Database, Communities, or Documentation categories. This functionality provides users with the flexibility to filter knowledge even more precisely.

Checking Version Certification
Do you need to see if Oracle has certified your product versions to work together? The My Oracle Support Certify process has been dramatically updated, making the verification of product version compatibility much easier for specific product lines.

Choose your SR Severity
Users have the ability to set their own Service Request severity levels (1, 2, 3, or 4) in My Oracle Support Release 5.2.

Additional Features

* Enhanced Knowledge Management functionality and bug fixes
* Improved health checks with Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) data
* Patch recommendations via Oracle Configuration Manager for specific product lines

What do you need to do?

* Be aware that My Oracle Support is upgraded to Release 5.2 and become familiar with the new features now available.
* Please review Note 875942.1 and attend one of the upcoming live webinars covering Support Tools and Processes. Alternately, you may watch one of the recorded training viewlets available as part of your Oracle Support contract.
* You can also check out the Communities link within My Oracle Support for targeted help from Oracle engineers and customers.
* If you plan on upgrading any of your Oracle products soon, please take a look at Note 250.1 and check out the new Upgrade Advisors pages available to help with specific upgrade paths.

Who to contact for more information?
Click on the “Contact Us” button at the top of the My Oracle Support dashboard page for feedback and assistance from your Oracle support team.

New to My Oracle Support?

晚上打开MOS的页面,发现居然多出了陌生的Get Started栏目,该栏目包含了引导用户在My Oracle Support上如何注册,以及观看使用教学视频等信息:
New to My Oracle Support?

帮助界面由Adobe flash驱动,似乎Oracle爱上了使用flash:不仅仅是此次推出的Get Started,之前在各个教学Note中也都加入了flash驱动的视频;好吧这些flash看上去还挺酷,也可以说是改善用户体验的一个重要环节,不过加载时间实在令人恼火!
How does MOS flash interface work?

下文是blog.oracle.com上对My Oracle Support中视频小插图(Video Vignettes)的介绍:

Video Vignettes for My Oracle Support: Featuring user-driven innovations

My Oracle Support: Featuring user-driven innovations

My Oracle Support is here and with it come new tools to help you find answers faster, more easily log and track SRs, and maintain highly available systems using healthchecks and patch recommendations designed specifically for your running environment.

Learn what’s new and start saving time today.

You can also use the Feedback link inside of My Oracle Support.
There are plenty of video previews available. There are also leader lead classes, and even sessions in other languages. Those posted here are only in English right now. Most are closed captioned for the hearing impaired.


Overview of My Oracle Support (with an emphasis on migration of Sun customers)
This 6 minute video is of a live demo. It provides just the basics for a first time user of My Oracle Support. It has an emphasis on those who are coming from Sun support.
Registering for My Oracle Support (including Sun customers)
This 8 minute video is of a live demo. Although registration doesn’t require much explanation, it goes into “Support Identifiers” which is how you gain access to features and services. It has an emphasis on those who are coming from Sun support.
Registration and Account Administration (with an emphasis on migration of Sun customers)
This 15 minute video is of a live demo. Learn how registration works for My Oracle Support with an emphasis on how the administrator at your organization handles setting and approving access for others in your organization. It has a focus on understanding Support Identifiers, getting approval to access, and administration of permissions. We also include getting access with Sun contracts and serial numbers.
Introduction to the new Certify Search
This 4 minute video is of a live demo – no PowerPoint slides! We are rebuilding Certify to make it MUCH easier to find and understand certifications. This video is available PRIOR to shipping this feature, to encourage some discourse and feedback. Let us know your comments!
Certifications Searching – Advanced Uses
This 6 minute video is a live demo – no PowerPoint slides! Although there is not much to talk about in advanced training, we think some tips and tricks might be helpful, so here they are. Again this feature is not yet available, but we want to get customers some time to provide feedback to help in the process.
Upgrade Planner
This 8 minute video of the real software contains no PowerPoint slides. It covers the forthcoming feature to help customers plan an upgrade from one software release to another. Let us know what you think!
Upgrade Planner – Advanced Uses
This 10 minute video of the real software contains no PowerPoint slides. It covers upgrades which would require merge patches, patches which need to be requested and more details on how to access the upgrade planner and some tips and tricks. Let us know what you think!

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Learn the most efficient way to install Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) in your environment to receive the full value from your support experience. Accurate as of Oct 2010.

Why use configuration manager?
Learn which features require users to download, install and use Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM), and whether these use cases are right for you.

Creating a Service Request
Review methods for creating a Service Request, the features of each step, and what to expect if you save drafts or file the Service Request (does not cover Sun “Hardware” quests, this will be covered in another session).
Dashboard Customization
Key ways to customize your experience by creating a tailored view of your Oracle support data. This video is applicable for customers with and without Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) in use.
Tailor your searches so you see only results relevant to your environment. Power View is especially useful for customers with large numbers of Support Identifiers and collectors.
Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Knowledge searching, refining searches, and advanced searches. Useful for all users. Mostly accurate, could use a refresh (Oct, 2010)
Product Overview
Explains My Oracle Support features available with and without Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM). (This one is much longer)
Learn about the Inventory report and its many features. This demo is for customers using Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM).


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