Configuring JD Edwards Deployment Server and Development Client on Oracle VM VirtualBox

SEC0000007-Unable to locate security server?

下午接了个活,销售给我出难题:客户的JD EDWARDS Oneworld fat client登录不上,报SEC0000007-Unable to locate security server错误;客户的这个JDE版本是7333(估计是仁科在被Oracle收购前出的版本),搜了下metalink结果只找到8.93版本相关的Note。我和销售说这玩样跟我不是一个系的出身,销售让我调动资源尝试下,那我就调动下。以下是目前找到的资料:

1.metalink与之相关的bug note介绍可能因为服务程序down掉造成该问题:
	OW Version: B9
WEB: qaweb2:86
If the enterprise server is down and the user tries to
login with his/her correct user id and password, the
following error is displayed.
Incorrect user id and password
For the fat client, the following error is displayed.
OneWorld Error
SEC0000007 - Unable to locate security server
Retry Cancel
If I select "Cancel", then
SEC0000001 - Failure in communicating with Security Server
If I click "OK", then
Error: User ID - Password
OneWorld could not sign you on. Make sure your User
correct and retype your Password.
Since this error message is not appropriate, please change
it to some appropriate phrase, for instance, "Security
server is down, please re-try later".
QE: sr4890282
This SAR has been fixed, but changes was overwritten
Bhale, Bhushan on 4/30/02

Fix Information
System Code:	H93F-Enterprise Foundation
Object: 	B9 JDBJ
Code Change/ESU: 	None
Date Completed: 	03-Jul-2002
Target Delivery Information: 	30-Apr-2002
Product: 	4781 - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools
Members Affected: 	
Rights given 5/23/02 mkl 			
Data Dictionary:	
User Defined Code: 	
Final Disposition: 	Modify, when the security server is down,
set the errorID to 5( security server cannot be reached)
instead of 331 (bad password and userID)                    

You will get this message for a number of reasons. Check the user profile 
OneWorld and make sure it's enabled. Also check the user id that you have 
attached to users...

Also, you may need to bounce your services.

Another reason is that when logging on the ini usually uses PD7333 as your 
main pathcode for security. Make sure this pathcode is not damaged & is 
usable. Check the spec folder...

I have had all of the above problems at different times... Hope this helps,




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