Script:Collect vip resource Diagnostic Information

以下脚本可以用于收集 Oracle RAC中vip 资源或其他CRS resource的诊断信息:


action plan:

./ stage -post crsinst -n all  -verbose

./ stage -pre crsinst -n all  -verbose


cluvfy stage -post crsinst -n all -verbose

cluvfy stage -pre  crsinst -n all -verbose

1. Please upload the following logs of all two nodes:

/etc/oracle/oprocd/*.log.* or /var/opt/oracle/oprocd/*.log.* (If have)

$crs_stat –t
$crsctl check crs
$crsctl check boot


Please consult your sysadmin and make sure that the gateway is pingable all the time 

1- test the gw on every node
consult your sysadmin to create a crontab unix shell script to ping the
gateway of your public interface every 2 seconds for example and the result is to be
spooled in /tmp/test_gw_<nodename>.log

ping your gateway  and upload the ping log 

2- increase the tracing level of the vip resource  
  as root user
  # cd $ORA_CRS_HOME/bin
  # crsctl debug log res <resname:level>
  # crsctl debug log res <vip resourfce name>:5

3- restart the clusterware

3- execute this test on both nodes at the same time
   $ script /tmp/testvip_<nodename>.log
   $ cd $ORA_CRS_HOME/bin
   $ hostname
   $ date
   $ cat /etc/hosts
   $ ifconfig -a
   $ oifcfg getif  
   $ netstat -rn

   $ oifcfg iflist
   $ srvctl config nodeapps -n <nodename> -a -g -s -l               (repeate it for all nodes)

   $ crs_stat –t
   $ exit

4- reset the tracing level of the vip resource  
  as root user
  # cd $ORA_CRS_HOME/bin
  # crsctl debug log res <resname:level>
  # crsctl debug log res <vip resourfce name>:1

Up on the next occurence, please upload the following information from all nodes

  a-  /tmp/test_gw_<nodename>.log
  b- /tmp/testvip_<nodename>.log
  c- the crsd log
  d. The resource racg

  e. the racgvip script from
  f- RDA from all the nodes
    Note 314422.1 Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 4.0 – Overview

   g- the o/s message file
      IBM: /bin/errpt -a > messages.out
      Linux: /var/log/messages
      Solaris: /var/adm/messages

3. CRS Diagnostics

note 330358.1 -- CRS Diagnostic Collection Guide, please use (all .gz files especially crsData_$HOST.tar.gz
need to be uploaded) --collect 

Please make sure to include *ALL* requested files (missing any will delay or prevendting from
identifying root cause) from *ALL* nodes in a single zip and upload.

Note 330358.1 - CRS 10gR2/ 11gR1/ 11gR2 Diagnostic Collection Guide       
Note 298895.1 - Modifying the default gateway address used by the Oracle 10g VIP
Note 399213.1 - VIP Going Offline Intermittantly - Slow Response from Default Gateway
Note 401783.1 - Changes in Oracle Clusterware after applying Patchset



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